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Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ (Cafe Lindbergh ~Our Love Psychology 2~)

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Company: Ein
Release Date: 8/9/2002
Price: 7,800 yen
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium 166MHz (Pentium II 300MHz recommended)
  • RAM: 32MB (128MB recommended)
  • HDD: 520MB free space
  • Video: 640x480 resolution or higher, full-color
  • Sound: WAV/PCM audio
  • Other: Requires CDROM and DirectX 7.0
    Genre: Multi-viewpoint selection ADV
    Rating: 18+
    Voice: Full voice
    Art: Asou Kai
    Scenerio: Studio May-be


    Cafe Lindbergh is a small restaurant famous for its tea, coffee, pastry, and sandwiches, and has become very popular by word-of-mouth for its atmosphere. The cafe is staffed by Itsuki, the master of the shop, Takumi, the cook, Tsukasa, a full-time waiter, and Shinya, a part-time waiter. A fifth employee Chihiro, is newly hired as another part-time waiter, and told on his first day to "Please fall in love." Watching day-to-day events unfold through the eyes of these five co-workers, will they find themselves falling in love?


    Shinohara Chihiro

    Chihiro is a 20-year-old who has just started working as a part-time waiter at Cafe Lindbergh after being recruited by Touno. He is an artist and the son of the owner of a food company, and has just returned to Japan from studying in the United States. Though the youngest he is very adult mentally, and fits into his job well because he always has a smile, is a gentle person, and likes to help others. Because of this he does not let others see his own troubles, unless he finds someone he feels he can open up to. Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro.

    Ichinose Shinya

    Shinya is a 23-year-old part-time waiter at Cafe Lindbergh. He had just graduated from university the previous spring and found employment with a company, but they shortly went out of business, leaving him unemployed and without a place to stay. He spent some time traveling on his motorcycle, and by chance ended up at Cafe Lindbergh, where he was offered a part-time job and a room in Itsuki's apartment. He is a very quiet and shy person who doesn't speak much, and is also very serious and single-minded. Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru.

    Mihara Takumi

    Takumi is the 28-year-old cook for Cafe Lindbergh. Because he had an interest in cake making, after high school he went into a special culinary arts school where he studied to become a patissier. After this he worked in a workshop producing pastries that are distributed to a number of restuarants, but left to take the job as the chef of Cafe Lindbergh. He has a powerful personality and expresses his feelings straight. He has an older-brother disposition to take care of others. Seiyuu: Itou Kentarou.

    Takamizawa Tsukasa

    Tsukasa is 32 years old and a full-time waiter at Cafe Lindbergh. He is exceptional at serving customers and acts as Itsuki's right-hand man with running the shop. He has a calm personality and appearance, always wearing a reserved smile. He is a strong person within, though he is not very strong with self-assertiveness and distances himself from others because he has trouble becoming emotionally close. He is also basically a lacto-vegetarian for mental reasons (though he doesn't like to, he will still eat fish). Seiyuu: Chiba Susumu.

    Touno Itsuki

    Itsuki is 43 years old and the manager (referred to as the "Master") of Cafe Lindbergh. He is long-term friends with Ryuuji Watanabe, the owner, and was asked by him to manage the shop. He always wears a faint smile, never allowing the true feelings beneath his skin to be seen. He always speaks with honorifics and in a calm, curteous manner, no matter how much younger the person he is speaking to may be. Seiyuu: Ichijou Kazuya.

    Additional spoiler info (highlight to read): In the past, Itsuki had a wife and son who were killed in an accident, and he also received an injury to his face during the accident that caused him to have to get reconstructive surgery.

    Watanabe Ryuuji

    Ryuuji is 45 years old and the owner of Cafe Lindbergh. He is the second-generation leader of the Watanabe Group which runs a chain of Italian bistros. He has been friends with Itsuki since school days and having high trust in Itsuki's abilities and thinking of him as a personal advisor, he asked him to manage Cafe Lindbergh. He occassionally stops by to check on the shop. Seiyuu: Masutani Yasunori.

    Additional spoiler info (highlight to read): Ryuuji was the brother of Itsuki's late wife. After her death, he and Itsuki formed a consentual "sex friends" relationship with each other.

    Shounen A

    Shounen A is thought to be about 20 years old (though no one knows for certain), and is a frequent customer of Cafe Lindbergh, so much so that he is considered their shop "mascot" and has a special reserved table where he reads and writes. Even though he is familiar with the staff, he has never told them his name, using instead the psuedonym "Shounen A" for unknown reasons. Seiyuu: Majima Ryou.

    Additional spoiler info (highlight to read): Shounen A's name is Shimazaki Haruna. He is an accomplished amateur writer, having won one award, but could not continue to write and make financial ends meet. Itsuki offered to pay his living expenses and provide him with an apartment so he could continue to write, under the stipulation that he would become his sex toy, and stated that a mere sex toy was unneeding of a name and he would go by "Shounen A" instead. Though Haruna hates the agreement and the things he does for Itsuki, he agreed to the arrangement to continue his writing, and yearns to find a way out of it.


    Like Birdie, the first game in Ein's Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku series, Cafe Lindbergh is an ADV that uses a multiple character viewpoint system. For every day of the game, you select a character to watch the story from their perspective, and after each scene may have the option to select a different character and watch the previous scene from their perspective as well. Because of this multi-viewpoint system, there is no one "main character" of the game. You can follow the story through the eyes of any of the five main characters, and pair any two of the five main characters together.

    The game is played by selecting different character perspectives and text options in the dialogue to lead to a variety of different endings. Each day you may watch the events of the day by selecting any of the available characters, and there will be different dialogue options to select from to create different outcomes. The character's viewpoint may be changed after a scene to another character, or you may continue the day from the same viewpoint. Because of the multi-viewpoint system, there are ten different pairing scenerios with each route having two or more possible endings, with 84 CGs to collect. In addition, if 100% of the scenes in the game and 100% of the CGs are collected, then a bonus scenerio becomes available with an additional 5 CGs.

    In a big step up from the game layout of Birdie, the game text is now in a standard dialogue box at the bottom of the screen instead of being displayed over the entire screen. There are several dialogue controls such as Repeat, Auto, Skip, and Hint (though I personally did not use the Hint mode so I cannot comment on if it is helpful or not). Previously viewed text is color-coded in gray while new text is in white to make it easier to distinguish between what you've already watched and what is new. The game also offers lots of different game settings, such as separate volume toggles for voice and music, multiple message speeds, setting Skip mode to stop on new text or to skip through all text, and dialogue box color customization. There are also 200 available save slots, and an Extra Mode that has a Scene Gallery (for all H scenes and endings), CG Gallery, BGM Studio, Staff Room, and System Voices.

    The multi-viewpoint system of Cafe Lindbergh provides the game with lots of different couplings and endings, improving on the standard ADV setup of a single main character. However, this also creates so many different options, that trying to get specific endings without the aid of a guide can be extremely difficult (picking the wrong character or the wrong option on just one day could spoil your chances for the entire route). Expect to have to use a guide if you plan on getting 100% of the scenes and CGs, and even with one, still expect a fair amount of frusteration trying to unlock everything. A multi-viewpoint system is both a blessing and a curse: it creates lots of replayability for a multitude of endings and CGs, but also makes it more difficult than your typical ADV to get all the endings and CGs.


    As far as technical issues, I found no problems playing Cafe Lindbergh on a Windows XP machine with the default non-unicode language set to Japanese language.

    AGTH Compatibility - Cafe Lindbergh is completely compatible with Anime Games Text Hooker. Add the /ns parameter to capture all texts in a single thread. Set game text speed to maximum for best efficiency.



    Cafe Lindbergh Capture Guide - A capture guide in English made by myself for getting all the CGs in the game.

    Cafe Lindbergh Version 1.04 Patch [1.41 MB] - An update patch for the game.

    Cafe Lindbergh Full CG Capture Save File - A save file that unlocks all the CGs in the game.


    I decided to play this game when Cafe Lindbergh came out as one of the top choices in a poll of what site viewer's would like to see added to the site. There is no denying that Cafe Lindbergh is probably one of the more popular boys' love games out there: it offers a slight variation on a typical ADV layout by allowing the story to unfold through the eyes of five different characters, leading to a large amount of possible pairings, endings, and CGs.

    Cafe Lindbergh offers quiet a few high-points for the BL gamer. The main one, of course, is the ability for multiple pairings that is available because of the multiple viewpoint selection system. It is always a refreshing change when instead of just having one protagonist that you may pair with any of the sub-characters, you can instead pair any of the main characters with each other. This is quite a rarity among BL games, with only a few other games offering multiple pairings, such as Angel's Feather and the first game in Ein's Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku series, Birdie. This point alone is reason enough for most gamers to give it a play.

    Playability-wise, Cafe Lindbergh made one huge improvement over its predessor Birdie: dialogue is now contained in a dialogue box, not written over the entire screen. I was especially happy with this, because I'm not fond of the "novel-dialogue-display" sticking words over the entire screen. Also, Cafe Lindbergh has made some improvements over the internal workings of the multi-viewpoint selection system as well; like in Birdie it still uses a "points" system, where scored points based on character and option choices are used, but there are no longer separate types of points and they are now used not as a requisite to a love ending, but instead to award bonus scenes or CGs on a love ending. And it still has 200 save slots -- hat's off to Ein for that.

    Another high point is the game offers a large selection of CGs with nicely-done artwork by Kai Asou. There are 84 CGs, with an additional 5 in the bonus scenerio, leaving the game with a fairly high CG count. there are a nice assortment to be had; vanilla, lime, or lemon, you will probably find something that appeals to your taste buds. And another, of course, is the sex -- there is no denying it. If you are looking for a boys' love game that is high in adult content, then Cafe Lindbergh is a good choice. A very large portion of the CGs are sex scenes, with a nice variety of different positions and situations. Deep kisses, masturbation, hand jobs, oral, anal, non-consentual, you'll find it all. The game is full-voiced and the seiyuu over-all do a nice job. (I'm still sticking to my guns that Majima Ryou (Shounen A) is awesome even though he is not a popular seiyuu, and Ichijou Kazuya (Touno) is great with leering-seme-slut-talk.)

    But for as great as Cafe Lindbergh is, I still could not get into it as much as so many of its fans, for what I feel is its one really major flaw: story and characterization. There isn't much of a story to be found at all, the majority of the text is talking about doing various tasks around the restuarant and even between characters they don't really develop things between them much plotwise. The characters came out feeling a bit bland, because while they do spend a great deal of time thinking to themselves about how they are feeling, the scenerio writers don't really develop them or give them back back-story. Replaying all these scenerios, overall the experience was a bit boring because there just wasn't really anything enticing about the story itself, even though the gameplay and art are.

    Aside from story however, there wasn't much else I felt was left desired, except for a nicer OST (it only has 12 recycled tracks and they aren't that great). Also, one can expect a high frusteration level with the game to unlock all the CGs and scenes; because of the huge amount of possible options available due to the multi-viewpoint system, it is easy to make an error and difficult to find exactly where you have made your error (Though I will say that while it was still very difficult, it was much easier this time around than it was with Birdie). For the sake of your own sanity, I'd recommend not starting the game without the guide I have poured my soul into making and have made available, unless you are a very high-risk (and somewhat masochistic) person.

    Overall, I recommend giving Cafe Lindbergh a play to all but the most prude, due to the multiple pairing availability, which is a rarity in BL games since most use a standard single-viewpoint ADV system with one protagonist, rather than a multi-viewpoint ADV system that is offering five protagonists. Those that like their BL of the lemon-flavored variety will also definitely be happy with Cafe Lindbergh, as it has lots of nice art and voice-work to offer in that area. But if you are looking for something with a little more flavor to the story and cast, you may find Cafe Lindbergh tasting a little bland. Though it may not be rivoting plot-wise, do expect a nice variety of pairings and CGs to wet your appetite.


    Ein's Official Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ Site (Japanese) - The company's site with information on the game.

    Achou no Suteki na Chi Heya (Japanese) - Personal website of Kai Asou, the artist of Cafe Lindbergh.

    May-Be Web (Japanese) - Personal website of Studio May-Be, the scenerio writer of Cafe Lindbergh.

    Ein Fan's Ring (Japanese) - A Japanese webring to sites for Ein's games.

    HalfAdder's Cafe Lindbergh Capture Guide (Japanese) - A CG and ending capture guide for Cafe Lindbergh.

    Kanat's Cafe Lindbergh Capture Guide (Japanese) - A CG and ending capture guide for Cafe Lindbergh.

    Kouryakuno Yakata's Cafe Lindbergh Capture Guide (Japanese) - A CG and ending capture guide for Cafe Lindbergh.

    Signpost's Cafe Lindbergh Capture Guide (Japanese) - A CG and ending capture guide for Cafe Lindbergh. My personal favorite of the Cafe Lindbergh capture guides I used.

    Cafe Lindbergh (English) - A site dedicated to Cafe Lindbergh, with information about the story and characters, as well as status on a translation project.

    Disclaimer: All written text and capture guides © Boys' Love Games Headquarters. All pictures and downloads are copyright of their respective companies and artists and are for promotional use only. I am in no way claiming the art as my own, nor am I trying to infringe upon the company's rights. I am trying to promote these games by allowing a foreign audience to see some artwork from the game.