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Here is a database of information on boys' love games or girls' games that I've researched and played myself. I hope to make this the largest database in English for information on Japanese boys' love and girls' games, so if you would like to contribute information, please contact me. Here you should find a growing collection of game specifications, story information, cast information, playability information, sample screen caps, save files, reviews, play guides, and more.

Note! The downloads in this section are compressed using WinRar. You will need to download WinRar to extract the file downloads.

Warning! The following sections may contain graphics depicting sexual acts between men. If this offends you or you are under the age of 18, please do not enter the sections below. By entering the sections below, you are agreeing that you are of legal age and are not offended by yaoi material. I will not be held accountable if you do not abide by these guidelines.

Commercial Boys' Love Games


Angel's Feather

Apocripha/0 Alex Disc

Apocripha/0 Platina Disc

Apocripha/0 Fanbox: Happiness Cage

Artificial Mermaid ~Silver Chaos 2~

Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku (The Roses Bloom on the Rose Tree)

Birdie ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku~ (Birdie ~Our Love Psychology~)

Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ (Cafe Lindbergh ~Our Love Psychology 2~)

Fragrance Tale

Fragrance Tale Voice Collection

Gakuen Heaven ~Boy's Love Scramble!~ (School Heaven ~Boy's Love Scramble!~)

Kannagi no Tori (Bird of Kannagi)

Lasting Snow

Mori no Kioku (Memory of the Forest)

Ore no Shita de Agake (Struggling Beneath Me)

Seikai Houretsuden (Heroic Legend of the Star Sea)

Seikai Houretsuden Fanbox (Heroic Legend of the Star Sea Fanbox)

Shounentachi no Byoutou (Boys' Hospital Ward)

Shounentachi no Byoutou Full Voice Version (Boys' Hospital Ward Full Voice Version)

Silver Chaos

Silver Chaos Fanbox: Eternal Fantasia

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai! 1: First Limit (I Can't Help Liking the Things I Like! 1: First Limit)

Doujin Boys' Love Games


Akuma-ouji Kisoukyoku (Demon Prince Capriccio)

Koukou Kyoushi: Memories of Summer (High School Teacher: Memories of Summer)

Sei Crain Gakuen (St. Crain School)

Commercial Girls' Games

Angelique Etoile Prologue

Angelique Etoile


Hoshigari Empusa! (An Avaricious Empusa!)

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