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Silver Chaos

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Company: VividColor
Release Date: 7/26/2002
Price: 6,800 yen
Platform: Windows 98/Me/XP
Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium 300MHz
  • RAM: 64MB
  • HDD: 350MB free space
  • Video: 800x600 resolution or higher, 16-bit color
  • Sound: WAV/PCM audio
  • Other: Requires CDROM and DirectX 8.1
    Genre: ADV
    Rating: 18+
    Voice: Full voice
    Art: Takatsuki Noboru
    Scenerio: Kaoru Ginyoru


    Ten years ago in a mideval kingdom, a powerful magician was driven by his own selfish desires and summoned Herdeus, a powerful demon, planning to use his power to conquer the world. One person faught against this evil, with the help of many friends and the power of a god he aquired on his quest, and after a desperate struggle, the demon Herdeus was sealed away, and peace was brought to the land again, but not without consequences: many people lost their lives in the battle, and in the aftermath many orphanages were set up for the war orphans and training schools were established to teach people in the art of fencing or magic to help protect the land.

    Might was one such war orphan, who grew up alongside his friend Adonis in an orphanage. Their friendship grew throughout childhood, and eventually they went to live in a training institution near the palace of King Sergei Claudius, where Might shows a talent for swordsmanship, and Adonis a natural art for magic.

    One day Might receives a terminal injury during his training at the institution, and is put into critical care. Adonis hears of this and rushes to be by Might's side, and sees his state: it is unlikely that Might will survive the injury.

    Adonis, desperate to save Might's life, is visited by a cloaked figure that gives him a magic document, of which contains a powerful spell that is said to even revive the dead, and will surely save Might's life. Adonis, not wanting to lose Might, recites the spell, and sure enough, Might is healed from his injury... but Adonis then falls unconscious, and is taken by the cloaked figure.

    Might swears to save Adonis from the demon, but things will not turn out as he expects as he finds himself reliving the past, collecting allies and the power of a god in order to take on the demon Herdeus which threatens the land again...


    Might - Might is war orphan from the battle with Herdeus that occured ten years prior, and grew up in an orphanage with his friend Adonis. Now a rather talented swordsman from one of the top training schools, when Adonis is captured by a demon to save his life, he sets out on a quest to save Adonis. Seiyuu: Suzumura Ken'ichi (Game Alias: Takigawa Daisuke).

    Adonis - Adonis is also an orphan who grew up alongside Might, training in the magical arts. When Might was wounded, he cast a powerful demonic spell to save his life, and was taken captive by the demon. Just what consequences does he now face? Seiyuu: Susumu Chiba (Game Alias: Progress).

    Hector Bryce - After witnessing the murder of his mother, Hector grew into a dark and twisted individual that started to use the dark arts to rape and torture people to fulfill his own selfish needs. While typically an antagonist, there is a chance you can gain Hector as an ally on your quest. Seiyuu: Ueda Yuuji (Game Alias: Tatsuya Fujiki).

    Sergei Claudius - Sergei is the king of the kingdom who originally helped the people after the catastrophe with Herdeus ten years prior by establishing orphanages and training schools for the people. Now that Herdeus appears to be a threat once again, he provides aid to Might and his quest. Seiyuu: Okuyama Michitaka.

    Werne Claudius - Werne is the prince of the kingdom and heir to the throne. He has lived an isolated and sheltered life, receiving anything he wished at his beck and call. Now he has become a spoiled and shelfish individual, who longs to be away from the castle and see the world, instead of feeling like a prisoner within the safety of the palace. However, his attitude often gets him into trouble. Seiyuu: Iwanaga Tetsuya.

    Fritz - Fritz is the caretaker and tutor to Prince Werne. He cares deeply about the prince, but is a weak individual that often lets the prince boss him around with his high and mighty attitude, and often Fritz finds that he can't keep the prince out of trouble no matter how hard he tries. Seiyuu: Itou Kentarou (Game Alias: Sakanoue Hidemaro)

    Lawrence Lancastor - Lawrence is the Head of the Royal Guard under King Sergei. He joins Might on his quest by order of the king. He is a strong individual and a talented swordsman with a sturdy and serious attitude. He is very dedicated to the battle against Herdeus. Seiyuu: Kosugi Juurouta (Game Alias: Hamagorou).

    Leica Keet - Leica appears as a strong fighter, bearing the battle scars of a missing eye and arm, and he is skilled with a blade. But there is much more to this seemingly rogue-ish character: he is actually a cheerful individual with a Kansai-dialect who runs an orphanage, taking care of the children there. He meets Might and decides to help him on his quest, adding not only brawn to the party, but also a playful and humorous attitude. Seiyuu: Konishi Katsuyuki.

    Pam - Pam is an animal-child that Might encounters. An orphan who has seen much hardship in his life, Might's soft heart can't bring him to leave Pam behind, and he follows Might on his quest. He tends to whine a lot and say things with a child's honesty, even when they get him into trouble. Seiyuu: Miyata Kouki.

    Kurt Howell - Kurt is a priest who runs a temple to the god Ragsiel. He meets Might and his allies when they come to his temple to receive help on their quest from Ragsiel, and Kurt also joins the quest against Herdeus. He is a somewhat quiet and extremely polite individual who is very devoted to his god. Seiyuu: Tsukui Kyosei

    Ragsiel - Ragsiel is a god, who's power countered that of Herdeus's in the past. Might travels to his temple to ask for Ragsiel's help in overcoming this demon again, and Ragsiel provides Might his aid to his quest. Seiyuu: Inoue Kazuhiko (Game Alias: Murasakibana Kaoru).

    Herdeus - Herdeus is the demon the wreaked havoc on the world ten years in the past, and is back again, this time in a new body, to use his powers once again to try to conquer the world. Might finds himself taking on this demon on his quest to reclaim Adonis. Seiyuu: Chiba Susumu (Alias: Progress).


    Silver Chaos plays in the typical "visual novel," "choose-your-own-adventure" style of most boys love games. You see a storyline play out, and then at certain points you will be given between 2-4 different options, and depending on what you chose, the story will take different turns.

    Along the way you collect CGs as you play through a branch of a story, and Silver Chaos has /plenty/ of CGs to wet your appetite. There are over 100 to collect, and they are brilliant in color and quality. After playing through the game once, an extra option opens up on the main screen to go into the CG gallery, where you can see which CGs you've won and blank areas of which CGs you are missing. This is an incredibly handy feature.

    It's rather easy to replay the game and catch all the different scenerios -- this is due to the fact that you can right-click and save the game at any time. This way you can save your game before any option, then reload to that save point and pick the other option. This is made even easier for the non-Japanese speaker by the fact that the game will put options you have already picked in pink, and options you haven't selected yet in blue. So anyone that can't read Japanese (like me) can easily replay through to the different endings. Also, replaying is made even easier with the "Skip" feature, which will quickly scroll through the story and not stop until hitting an option that requires you to select between the choices. This way you don't have to rewatch sections of the story you may have already seen two or three times playing previously.


    Silver Chaos has a correction patch released by VividColor. Make sure to apply this patch first thing after you install the game!

    I found no problems playing Silver Chaos on a Windows XP machine set into Japanese language with the patch applied.

    Please be aware that Silver Chaos requires NATIVE Japanese language support from your operating system! That means that Windows 98, Windows Me, or Windows 2000/XP that doesn't have the Japanese set to default for non-unicode programs, will not work. Silver Chaos will crash with an error message right after the opening movie sequence, as shown in the picture below. Likely, "???" will show up in the text box prior to it crashing. You will need to have Windows 2000/XP with the language set to Japanese (please see my section on installing Japanese games for this information), or a Japanese version of Windows, and then the game should run fine. If you are running Windows 98 or Me, programs like NJStarCommunicator and AsianSuite are not going to work.

    AGTH Compatibility - Silver Chaos is compatible with Anime Games Text Hooker. First, make sure to patch the game, so that when you make your shortcut to the game .exe, it will be the correct .exe applied from the patch. However, the GetGlyphOutlineA thread that extracts text is located below all the visible threads in the drop-down menu, so you will have to hit Tab, and then the down arrow until you find the GetGlyphOutlineA thread that is extracting the text. The address of this thread seems to vary between loads of the game, so /w cannot be used to automatically select the text thread.



    Silver Chaos Capture Guide - A capture guide in English made by myself for getting all the CGs and endings in the game.

    Silver Chaos Version 1.2 Patch [1.90 MB] - An update patch for the game.

    Silver Chaos Full CG Capture Save File - A save file that unlocks all the CGs in the game. By default, the save file for Silver Chaos will be in your "My Documents" folder, inside a folder named "VividColor".


    I think anyone who is a fan of boys' love games will admit that Silver Chaos is a must-have. It's a very high-quality game, and sure to have something to please most yaoi fans.

    Silver Chaos has many positive features. The artwork and voice acting is very high quality, and with over 100 CGs to collect (many of which are sexual in nature, sure to please any yaoi fan) and several different characters you can get endings with, there is plenty of replay value. Features like a CG gallery that lets you view CGs you have already won and the Skip feature to breeze over areas of the story you've already watched make replaying the game even better. And the ability to save at any time, even when options are being displayed, and the fact that options you have already chosen in previous games are highlighted in pink make it an extremely straight-forward play to anyone who can't read Japanese.

    But like anything, there are some negative aspects of the game. The storyline is a little generic and a bit depressing, but despite being somewhat generic it is still a a fairly good plotline compared to most boys' love games, and a bit easy to understand even if you don't know much Japanese. It's also pretty short; it doesn't take much to get all the CGs in the game, though I suppose for those that like a quick game, this might be a good thing. There are also a few other minor annoyances, such as not being able to easily stop the Skip feature after you've started it, and the music is a bit bland. Not bad by any means, but there isn't a very wide musical selection and it's nothing that to me would warrant buying a soundtrack. I also find the game is a little over-rated by the fan community; it is a good game, but seems to be the /only/ boys' love game anyone knows about, and therefore seems to have a higher popularity just for that reason alone.

    But the complaints against this game are only minor -- Silver Chaos is a good game that really deserves a play by any fan of boys' love games. Also, if you are a fan of yaoi but aren't really into boys' love games yet and looking for a starting point, this is an excellent starting point to getting into the genre due to the ease of play despite being in Japanese. With the fantasy storyline, bright graphics, excellent voice-acting, neat characters, and high-quality yaoi scenes, this game surely has something to interest any yaoi fan.


    VividColor's Official Silver Chaos Site (Japanese) - The company's site with information on the game.

    VANITY (Japanese) - The personal website of Takatsuki Noboru, the artist of Silver Chaos.

    Half Adder's Silver Chaos Capture Guide (Japanese) - A complete capture guide for getting all the endings in Silver Chaos.

    PC Yaoi Games' Silver Chaos Review (English) - Some information and character images to Silver Chaos.

    #Yaoiforever's Silver Chaos Page (English) - Has several CGs to Silver Chaos.

    Onadoru Euphoria (English) - A site working on translations of boys' love games. They currently have Silver Chaos scripts.

    Disclaimer: All written text and capture guides © Boys' Love Games Headquarters. All pictures and downloads are copyright of their respective companies and artists and are for promotional use only. I am in no way claiming the art as my own, nor am I trying to infringe upon the company's rights. I am trying to promote these games by allowing a foreign audience to see some artwork from the game.