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Stripes in Peace

By Sachiko and Bosie


Title: Stripes in Peace
Author: Sachiko and Bosie
Type: Multi-part, ongoing
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairings: Jade/Sapphirus
Dedication: Anyone who loves sanbou-su together and all fluffed!
Summary: While the princes are asleep, Jade begins his routine of teasing Sapphirus again, from his stripes to his bedroom... what has the night become for poor Sapphi?


Chapter 1: Bedtime Story

Chapter 2: Do Without Love [Lemon]

Chapter 3: Without the Stripes

Chapter 4: Pancakes for Everyone

Chapter 5: Encounter at the Bar

Chapter 6: Searching For the Princess

Chapter 7: Return of the Stripes

Ongoing, incomplete