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Here you can find a collection of fanworks to various boys' love or girls' games. If you have any fan art, fan fiction, doujinshi, parodies, poetry, or other fanwork you've done based on any boys' love or girls' game, then please contact me and I will try to get it up a.s.a.p!


Kaoru, the Boys' Love Games Headquarters Mascot

Kaoru (BLGHQ T-shirt Design) by Batpig


Clavis x Julious by Byouyuuken
Cowboy Charlie by Joe Blank
Gypsy Olivie by Joe Blank
Leonard and Francis by Batpig
Marcel and Luva in a Garden by Joe Blank
Olivie by Alcy
Olivie by Domino
Olivie (Sprite) by Sephie
Oscar (Gift for Sohma Kyo) by Mastress Alita
Zephel in a Jacket by Joe Blank

Angel's Feather

Anri (Gift for Kurenai) by Mastress Alita
Dead Eyes by Yami-no-Marron


6666th Hits Kiriban by Sachiko
Alex and Sapphirus by Firestorm717
Alex with a Snowball for WinterFes by Topo Starlight
Beryl by Batpig
Beryl by WoggyWooWoo
Cosplay by Mastress Alita
Forever Lost by Sachiko (based on the fanfic "The Sinners' Cage" by Mastress Alita)
Giftwrapped for WinterFes by Mastress Alita
Happy 1st Anniversary, Apocripha/0 Fans ML! by Sachiko
Happy Birthday, Sara! 3/17/05 by Eruantale
Jade by Silver Side Sonic
Jade and Platina by Firestorm717, coloring by Byouyuuken
Jade x Sapphirus (Gift for Hana-chan) by Mastress Alita
Ohayou, Platina-sama by Byouyuuken
OOC (?) by Batpig
Lingerie for FanserviceFes by Mastress Alita
Lhodo in the Autumn by Mastress Alita
Platina by Nikki
Plum by Sephie
Plum (Sprite) by Sephie
Ruby and Carrol by Sachiko
Ruby and Carrol for WinterFes by Batpig
Ruby x Carrol (Gift for Batpig) by Mastress Alita
Ruby x Sapphirus (Gift for Sachiko) by Mastress Alita
Sapphi by Hana-chan
Sapphirus Hawthorne by Shu-chan
Spring 2004 by Sachiko
Tanabata Carrol for SummerFes by Batpig
Valentine Jade by Kurai-chyan
Wear a Hat! by Nami-chan

More Apocripha/0 fanart at:

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  • Apocripha/0 Fans Mailing List
  • Apocripha/0 Summer Festival
  • Apocripha/0 Winter Festival
  • Apocripha/0 Fanservice Festival
  • DeviantArt's Apocripha/0 Club

    Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~

    Whip by Tsukasa
    Chihiro Drawing by Tsukasa


    Chance Yaoi Monopoly Card by WoggyWooWoo
    Jail Guys by slightlysalted


    Souha (Video Version) by Sakura

    Gakuen Heaven

    Genetics Lesson by WoggyWooWoo

    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de

    KOEI is Evil. Repeat After Me. by Byouyuuken

    Kannagi no Tori

    Hakkan x Renjaku (Blue Version) by Byouyuuken
    Short Shorts by Domino

    Miracle Heart

    Washimiya Natsumi by Lexxu

    Oujisama Lvl 1

    Canaan Lucius by Cynthia
    Celeste Irving by Cynthia

    Seikai Houretsuden

    Here Pretty Kitty by Schala-Kitty
    Captured Merman by Firestorm717

    Seraphim Spiral

    Yatohiko Hasumi by Topo Starlight

    Silver Chaos

    Ragsiel by Forsaken Child


    Sora and Sunao by Nada

    Tokimeki Memorial: Girls' Side

    Kazuma by Batpig

    Stick Figures


    Happy Birthday Charlie! by Mastress Alita


    Alex and Platina by Mastress Alita

    Apocripha/0: A Children's Tale by Mastress Alita

    Alex by slightlysalted
    Jade and Sapphirus by slightlysalted


    Guys by slightlysalted



    Sunrise and Sunset [Oneshot] by Nikki


    The Last Ingredient [Oneshot] by Firestorm717


    Falling From Grace [Oneshot] by Kurai-chyan
    Fireworks for SummerFes [Oneshot] by Mastress Alita
    Ignis Fatuus Pt. 1-6 [Multi-part, complete] by Mastress Alita
    Odium Medicant [Oneshot] by Batpig and Mastress Alita
    The Reason For Fighting [Oneshot] by Kong Ruishu
    Seeds of Maturity Ch. 1-2 [Multi-part, complete] by Bosie and Mastress Alita
    The Sinners' Cage Ch. 1-4 [Multi-part, incomplete] by Mastress Alita
    Stripes in Peace Ch. 1-7 [Multi-part, incomplete] by Sachiko and Bosie
    A Window Half-Opened Ch. 1-12 [Multi-part, complete] by Batpig and Mastress Alita

    More Apocripha/0 fanfiction at:

  • Diadeem Project
  • Apocripha/0 Fans Mailing List

    Silver Chaos

    Beloved Voice [Oneshot, ficlet] by halcyon


    Daisuki Motto Motto Zutto (I Love You, More, More, Forever) [Oneshot] by Alexander Pastener
    I Am Happy [Oneshot, ficlet] by ShiniNeko
    Envy and Content [Two part story] by ShiniNeko

    More Sukisho! fanfiction at Sukisho! Fanfics Live Journal Community

    Disclaimer: All fanart, fanfiction, and related materials are the property of their creator and are being featured here with permission. Please ask their permission if you wish to use the material for anything other than personal use. The characters represented are copyright of their respective companies and artists, and are in no way being claimed as the fanartist's original creation.

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