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Welcome to the Boys' Love Games Headquarters, a site dedicated mainly to Japanese boys' love PC games. In my travels of the web, while I have found a good abundance of these sites in Japanese, there is very little information available about these games in English, which has led me to aim to create the most comprehensive informative site on boys' love games on the web for English-speakers.

While yaoi, the anime style depicting two males in romantic relationships, has started to get a bit more exposure outside of Japan, this seems to be limited mainly to tamer movies and manga. One important aspect of the yaoi genre has been completely ignored -- what the Japanese term "boys' love games." Similar to your typical ren'ai (romance) game, these are games for the PC in which the goal is to win a boyfriend for the male main character, or likewise get the main character into other slashy situations, usually done in a "choose-your-own-adventure" style setup. To the average yaoi fangirl, these games add a whole new level of enjoyment that you don't get with movies or manga, as you somewhat get to "control" the outcomes of the characters in the game to an extent.

For those that have never played a boys' love game but have an interest in yaoi, I highly recommend giving it a try, as I doubt you will be disappointed. Or maybe you have tried boys' love games, but have had such little information about them that they were too frusterating to play, or you didn't have the slightest idea what to get or where to get them. In both cases, I hope this page gives the information you need.


8/16/09 -- As promised, I managed to get my website updated this summer! First, I want to thank those that submitted fanwork to site: halcyon submitted a Silver Chaos fanfic, "Beloved Voice", Sakura submitted a Fanatica fanart of Souha, and for those that did not see by cool Boys' Love Games Headquarters t-shirts featuring our mascot Kaoru, designed by Batpig, he has now been added to the Fanworks page, so please head over there to see the lovely submissions, and remember that I am still taking submissions at! Second, after years of working on the game, I have finally completed Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku and have added my review for it in the Game Database, so please go check it out! [In-depth update info].

4/2/08 -- Added one fanfic, an Animamundi fic by Firestorm717, to the Fanworks section. This is literally my first fanwork submission to this site in years (not counting my own fanworks). Please take the time you let you know you appreciate the story by using her contact information provided on the Fanworks page, or use the new Fanworks area of the message board.

4/9/07 -- My review of Lasting Snow is now available in the Game Database. Also, I have received my first multimedia submissions to this site in years, with two Apocripha/0 Winamp skins submitted by Andreea, so please check them out in the Multimedia section. Also, I have removed the Contact section completely from this site, since all of my best efforts was not helping the situation of me receiving constant e-mail breaking my rules. I now have new a new procedure for contacting me, so please make yourself aware of this change. [In-depth update info].

Interested in hearing about updates via e-mail? Join the Boys' Love Games Headquarters ML to have information on any updates to the website or major message board updates delivered to your e-mail. This is an update notice list only. For any discussion, please use my message board.

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